Saturday, March 17, 2018

Do Picard and Crusher ever get together? An exploration of their relationship in the TNG novels (PART 1 : Death in Winter)

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Do Picard and Crusher ever find happiness together? If you’re like me, you’ve been asking this question for decades. Fret no longer, shipper! There are books that develop the romance between them! We’ll explore them all in this new Anomaly series all about the Picard/Crusher relationship. I kick off the series with a review of the Star Trek The Next Generation novel: Death In Winter by Michael Jan Friedman. 

Find a link to the novel, the Tumblr blog, The Star Wars Stacks, and the Sub Rosa review, mentioned by Jen, in the show notes for this episode (listed below). 

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Discovery Season 1 Recap and Listener Mail

SPOILER Alert! Jen and Angela survived the Bolian Brain Pox! They return to talk about the things they liked and disliked about Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery and the season finale. And reply to listener mail.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Conflict and Controversy | Star Wars The Last Jedi Podcast Review

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Star Wars Fandom is split on The Last Jedi. What do Jen and Angela think about the movie? Don't worry, they'll tell you. A SPOILER ALERT is played after they give a non-spoiler mini-review. 

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Felicia Day Panel | Wizard World Austin 2017

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Visit a Wizard World near you! They're a lot of fun.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Something About Star Trek Discovery's Fall Finale (Ep 8 and 9)

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SPOILER ALERT! This episode is all about the fall finale of Star Trek Discovery, including episodes 8: Si Vis Pacem, Para Vellum, and 9: Into the Forest. It was recorded at Wizard World Austin, with Rico Dosti from Treks in Sci-Fi. You can find him at

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DAY TWO: Wizard World Austin 2017 Booth Chat

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I hope you enjoyed DAY ONE of our Wizard World Austin 2017 booth chats. If you haven’t listened yet, move one episode up in the feed.

Additional Topics Discussed

3:10 Meeting Felicia Day & Nichelle Nichols at Wizard World Austin 2017

4:10 Felicia Day's Panel

5:41 Photo ops at Wizard World are always great and totally worth it

6:21 The crowd reaction when Jason Momoa enters the building

6:50 Stargate talk

8:32 Jason Momoa's hat—is it too "Johnny Depp"?


10:18 Meeting the guys from Clerks / Jay and Silent Bob

11:41 Jen's question for Felicia Day at her Wizard World Austin 2017 panel

12:58 Our real-life superpowers (Miniskirt Topic)

22:20 What we're looking forward to at Wizard World Austin 2017

26:22 Contact info and close

New Anomaly Podcast episode!

DAY ONE : Wizard World Austin 2017 BOOTH CHAT

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Possible SPOILER for Star Trek Discovery's Season Finale located at (21:23-23:00). 

Angela and I made it home yesterday evening, after an exciting three day weekend at Wizard World Austin 2017. SO MUCH happened and we can’t wait to share it all with you so you’re getting a bunch of episodes all at once! Yay, you!

All three of the booth chats are available now in our feed now, so once you finish this one, move on to the next.

The Star Trek Discovery Chat will be uploaded tomorrow and a Felicia Day’s panel will be added next week.

We also have a video coming soon that will feature photos and video of all the experiences we talked about in this report as well as commentary from me and Angela, describing all that you’re watching. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or to our website so you know when it’s ready to watch.

Additional Topics Discussed

3:28 Celebrity Sightings

4:00 What we're looking forward to at Wizard World Austin 2017

4:30 How Delta Airlines lost Rico's bag

5:20 Felicia Day

6:00 Nichelle Nichols

6:10 Jason Momoa

9:80 Which Superpowers do you want? (Miniskirt topic)

18:33 Which tertiary character from any sci-fi/fantasy franchise would you like to base a spin-off series on? (Miniskirt Topic)

21:23-23:00 Possible Star Trek Discovery Fall Finale Spoiler (not plot revealing, but gives away a scene)

23:20 Christopher Tolkien's retirement and what it may mean for the Tolkien Franchise (Miniskirt topic)

27:42 Celebrity sightings while recording (Michael Rooker)

31:22 Spin-offs / Tolkien universe

33:45 The Wheel of Time TV series

35:00 Did some fans dislike the Star Wars Prequels immediately or did their dislike develop over time?

39:00 Don't judge The Hobbit films against Lord of the Rings. Judge it on its own merits.

44:25 Contact information and close

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