Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anomaly of The Wheel of Time: New Spring

In this installment of Anomaly, Angela and I reviewed the prequel novel to The Wheel of Time series, entitled New Spring. It was the first book by Robert Jordan that we picked up, and we've been eagerly working our way through the series since finishing the last sentence of New Spring.

The goal in this podcast episode, was to introduce our listeners to The WoT. We began by giving a little background on the author then describing the world he created in these novels. Once we covered that information we discussed New Spring and our thoughts on the pacing, plot and characters.

If you've been curious about The Wheel Of Time, check out this episode. If you've wondered whether you should start with New Spring or Eye of The World, this installment of our show might help with that decision. As a warning, we did spoil this book. However we did not give anything major away in the subsequent novels. If you want to skip New Spring, this episode may just give you enough background to move on to the Eye of The World (technically the first book in the series).

Note, there is a spoiler free "mini wiki" of sorts on the Anomaly forum if you would like to use it as you read New Spring. Please comment on the episode in this thread as well, and/or email us at girlygeekz@gmail.com... remember feedback encourages us to keep recording. Please comment and rate the show on iTunes.

Finally, at the start of the episode, I talked about a short children's Sci-Fi story I wrote for The Martians Are Here podcast . We'll be posting a version of that story on Anomaly in June. For now, check out Once A Jolly Swagman, by our friend Simon Meddings (AKA Meds from the Waffle On podcast).

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Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

This was another great podcast. Very amusing as always. Now this time I listened to it in bed. I jumped up though when I heard you mentioning my name during the Shout outs. I was like "Whoah". Seriously cool and can't wait for the next podcast. :)