Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anomaly Miniskirt: Games And Geek Love

The conversation in this installment of Anomaly was fairly organic. We began by talking about the video games we're playing (ME2, Forza 3, Sims3, Oblivion) then we sauntered into a deep discussion about geek dating. Our listeners have been requesting the topic of "geek dating" since we started recording over three years ago; I guess we've finally relented. Note: We're not "love gurus"... no one is, but perhaps some of our single geek fans will find the tidbits we offered somewhat helpful. Depending on the feedback we receive, we may revisit the subject in the future or never touch it again.

Also featured in this episode is the debut of our Anomalous Correspondent, Sarah. In true Anomaly fashion, the newest member of our staff recorded a mini review of the 80's sci-fi/ fantasy film, Krull. Sarah is a veteran of Star Wars Fanworks, where she’s known as “Silas Carder”, and has acted in many audio productions there. Please welcome her to the Anomaly family. :)
The interlude featured in this episode can be purchased on iTunes. I highly recommend that you buy it. In my humble opinion, it's awesome sauce: Half as Cool as Han Solo by Dan Beahm and The Invisible 3

As a side note, we recorded this miniskirt episode in our office, on our lunch break. Because of the environment you'll probably hear the AC unit in the background and perhaps the giant fan in my G5 Power PC, but other than that the quality is pretty good given that we weren't in our multimillion dollar studio. For a "State of The Pod Announcement" keep listening after our outro music concludes.
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New Promos Played:
Star Wars: Marvels—a fan audio production featuring the voice talents of our Anomalous Correspondent, to name a few.

A new story written for The Martians Are Here, called "Pyramid", by Mike Featherstone—long time friend to Anomaly, WaffleOn, Take Him With You and
Treks In Sci-Fi.

Champ Podcast, hosted by Jedi Jeff (AKA Jeff Jobb), another friend to all of the above podcasts.

Standard Promos:
Take Him With You
Knights Of The Guild
Appy Times
Here Goes Nothing
Treks In Sci-Fi
Star Wars Fanworks

Co-host of Anomaly

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