Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anomaly Special Report: Gamer Girl Scholarship

Hi, I'm Sue. My cell phone ring is the Super Mario Brothers main theme for general calls, the "invincible star" for my family, and "underground theme" for my boss. And I am an Anomaly.

Thanks to a slow afternoon that allowed me to catch up on some RSS feeds, I recently learned of a scholarship being offered on for one week's tuition, lodging, and meals at National Computer Camp, valued at $985 (travel costs not included). The scholarship is offered only to female students, ages 8-18, who play video games.

According to the website:
"At NCC, campers can design a 2D or 3D video game, learn to program, create a graphic video, take apart a computer, create a home page, play tennis, play Civilization and make new friends. Now in its 34th year, NCC is America’s original computer camp with locations in Connecticut, Georgia, New York and Ohio."

To enter, students must write a 500-600 word essay on the topic:
What is your favorite video game, and how would you change the design to improve it?

Applications are due on June 8, and the winner will be announced on June 13. Click here for instructions and further information from

This is a fantastic opportunity for young geek and gamer girls, and something that I wish existed when I was 8-18 years old. For the prize to be awarded, they must receive at least 5 entries. That seems like a small number to me, like they're not expecting a big response. So spread the word, and hopefully young geek girls will make themselves known, and applications will flood in.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be yelling too if I tried to play a racing game with a flight joystick...

Jen said...

@Anonymous Ha ha! I never noticed that! So true! :D