Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girls + Math = Win.

Hi, I'm Sue. A closeup of the Mandelbrot set is the background image on my smartphone. And I am an Anomaly.

Back at the end of August, I got angry and wrote a blog about it... as I am wont to do. This time, it was about those horrible t-shirts for girls that said things like, "I'm too pretty to do homework..." and "Allergic to Algebra." And, Ashley Eckstein even brought those up in my interview with her her at New York Comic Con.

Well, nerds - ThinkGeek to the rescue! Today's promotional email included the following t-shirt:
No, I will not do your math.
It all adds up. You know what we're too pretty for? Putting up with anti-intellectualism.
Available in Babydoll, Women's Classic Cut, and Girls

Here's the full product description:
The math smarts. It starts in her when she's young. This is the little girl who excels at counting things. She has her hand raised when they're learning multiplication. She's the one who, while everyone else is assiduously avoiding eye contact, hopes she gets called on to do the problem at the board. She could do her homework in pen, but she chooses not to, cause that would just be showing off. When she gets bored in class and it looks like she's not paying attention, that's because she's a chapter ahead of everyone else, double-checking her answers. "Show your work" is seen as a challenge either because it's all in her head (how do I show you neurons firing?) or because she has to choose the most elegant solution. If a train leaves Chicago at 2 p.m., she's the engineer. (See what we did there?!)

ThinkGeek, I love you. Thank you. Keep it coming. There needs to be more products encouraging girls to be SMART. And notice how the lettering is pink? Being smart doesn't mean you can't be feminine.

I wish I had this shirt in school. Although, I probably would do your math. But I won't give you the answer. I'll teach you how to find it for yourself.

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Jen said...

I knew I liked Think Geek! :)