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Web Channel Surfing

I'm KC, and I surf channels with my laptop's mousepad. And I am an Anomaly.

During the recording of Anomaly Supplemental on A Very Potter Musical, I mentioned that two YouTube channels had just started releasing web-based video content. Of course these channels would be Felicia Day's Geek and Sundry and Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Channel and both channels seem to be starting off pretty well. And while I wouldn't mind dedicating an entire post to how awesome both channels are, I had another idea.

I haven't had cable for two years now. Netflix and Hulu are now my go-to media sources to catch up with mainstream television. But it has been difficult to find a series for me to find an hour-long television series that grabs me. Instead, I'm becoming more and more interested in the ten minutes episodes of a few independently produced web series. So I thought I would go through my bookmarks and internet history for some of the internet shows that have been catching my fancy.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
It seems that for the last 20 years, there has been some sort of remake or modern update of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. However, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a clever take on one of the most popular romances in the public domain. The series takes the form of a video blog featuring Lizzie and her rants about her mother, sisters, and the new guys in town, Bing Lee and Darcy. The cast is predominantly made up of young and talented cast of women featuring Ashley Clements as Lizzie, Laura Spencer as Jane Bennet, Mary Kate Wiles as Lydia Bennet, and Julia Cho as Charlotte Lu. If I may be so bold, it seems to be a series by Anomalies for Anomalies. Visit the TLBD website for episodes and more information. Click here to subscribe on YouTube.

The Flog
As many of us know, Felicia Day is slowly taking over the world one internet user at a time. So we might as well get to know our future supreme leader a little better. The Flog is Felicia Day's video blog which allows her to talk about and do whatever she wants. While her misadventures in blacksmithing and violin-playing are endearing, my favorite part of the show is when she discusses her "Fave Five." She uses the time to promote blogs, podcasts, videos, music, and bizarre products like zombie garden gnomes and toilet coffee mugs. While it has decreased my productivity, it pleases me that Day is supporting creative forces on the internet. Plus, The Flog just puts you in a peppy mood. Visit the Geek and Sundry website for more information and additional content. Click here to subscribe on YouTube.

All-Star Celebrity Bowling
What's geekier than bowling? Why, nerds bowling, of course! Hosted by the Nerdist Podcast's Chris Hardwick, All-Star Celebrity Bowling features groups of celebrities going head to head with the employees of Nerdist Industries to win money for their charity of choice. The fun of the show is that it's not so much about the bowling techniques as it is the comedic banter that occurs between the competitors. And while it may not be a completely fair game since Hardwick's dad was a professional bowler, it is very much about laughing and supporting good causes. (Warning:  Some shows on the Nerdist Channel like All-Star Celebrity Bowling are not intended for children due to language and some mature content. Watch and enjoy for yourself beforehand and then determine if it is appropriate for your younglings.) Visit the Nerdist website for more information and additional content. Click here to subscribe on YouTube.

While this is just a short list of what is in my YouTube feed, there are plenty more videos and channels to discover. And as with podcasts and blogs, make sure you subscribe and/or send feedback to the generators of the video content you enjoy. It encourages them to continue their work and provide more entertainment for you.

To end with, here are a few questions for our readers. What are you watching right now? Have you watched any of the shows above? Leave your web series recommendations and other ideas in the comments below!

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