Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sue's Dragon*Con 2012 Schedule

Hi, I'm Sue.  I have plenty of cosplay to pack for Dragon*Con, but I can't find anything to wear to a friend's wedding.  And I am an Anomaly.

That's right!  Dragon*Con, my favoritest con on the planet, is just a few more days away.  And this year, I will actually be sitting on some panels!  Since, I know that several people in the Anomaly community regularly attend D*C, I wanted to share my schedule.  (As always, anything on a schedule at Con is subject to change until it's already happened.)

Have We Met Before?
Friday, at 10:00 AM
American Sci-Fi Media Track  (Marriott A704)
Did your favorite show die too soon?  Or maybe there's a show that everyone gave up on but it's great now.  Share with us your hidden treasures.

Geek TV!
Friday at 5:30 PM
American Sci-Fi Media Track  (Marriott A704)
We're infiltrating the mainstream!  Discussions about Big Bang Theory, Community and all the rest of the place we're popping up.

Manimal and Friends: Quickly Canceled Sci-Fi TV
Sunday at 5:30 PM
American Sci-Fi Classics Track (Marriott A703)
Show the love for one-season sci-fi wonders that came on a few times, then pfft! They were gone.  (Manimal.  Sweet Manimal.)

Captain Hammer Will Save Us
Monday at 1:00 PM
Whedon Universe Track (Westin International D)
A look at false heroes in the Whendon Universe.

So, if you'll be in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend this year, come say "hello!"  Of course, the above listed panels are just where I'm scheduled to appear.  If you can't make any of those, I'd still like to say "hello"!  I will be attending plenty of other events, but it's not worth it to even attempt to list that schedule, as it will change on a whim.  Plus, I plan to don my latest steampunky cosplay on either Saturday or Sunday.  You can shoot me a tweet (@spaltor) during con, or even email the Anomaly Supplemental account - moregilrygeekz(at)gmail(dot)com - and that should reach me.

See you there!

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Jen said...

Awesome! Thank you, Sue! Wish we could go too! :/