Monday, September 15, 2008

Hijacking Treks In Sci-Fi

Angela and I had the pleasure of guest hosting Rick Dostie's Treks In Sci-Fi Podcast on August 24th. Though we recorded the bulk of the show, and edited it for the vacationing host, we shared the spot light with a number of the Treks In Sci-Fi forum members. They helped us create a theme for the episode with fun disc jockey bumpers and fake radio commercials. Our main topic was a review of the TNG episode, Ship In A Bottle and I did a collectible review of the Gentle Giant Bust Up Cantina Band. 

Angela and I got our start on Rico's show and enjoyed taking Rico's podcast for a joy ride! When you're not listening to us, check  out the Treks In Sci-Fi podcast!

Jen, co-host of Anomaly

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