Monday, September 15, 2008

The Anomaly Of Star Wars Experiments Part I

Was Princess Leia Organa a snotty sorority girl in disguise?! That's what our geeky experiment described her as. This week, Angela and I discuss an interview that our friend Erin graciously gave me. If you'll recall, Erin was the young woman who admitted that she had never actually seen Star Wars, despite the fact her brothers were fans and her mother and father had both seen the films several times. Erin decided it was time that she saw the the, and agreed to be our guinea pig in our first geeky social experiment. We started her off with Star Wars IV A New Hope. Find out what Erin thought of the film and get our reaction to her comments by listening to our September 14, 2008 episode entitled: "The Anomaly Of Star Wars Experiments Part I". Thanks again to our friend Erin for being such a great sport!

Buy the rocking Star Wars music played during the interview! Nope, it wasn't Angela's husband's band... We'll get The Illuminati's music up on our site soon.

The audio we played at the end of our podcast was from the first Star Wars Fan film: Pink 5. Check it out!

Jen, co-host of Anomaly

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