Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blogging Is Hard And Other Lame Excuses

Hello to any who may happen upon our lonely, deserted ghost town in blogdom. I've been lazy and have neglected our podcast notes. Oh, wait...I was supposed to write lame excuses. Um, let me see here...I have a real life outside of podcasting that involves working and it tends to over shadow the things I'd rather be doing like blogging, gaming, podcasting, gardening, shopping, reading, painting, dating my husband and fishing. I'll just stop there. Was that a lame excuse? Not really. I'm sure I can come up with something better....ummmmm.

Got it! How 's this? I recently discovered an ancient space craft buried beneath the rose bed in my front yard. Oh, yeah...that's golden! Anyway, the debris I handled was coated with a glowing residue that I later discovered was radioactive. When the third degree burns ate away the fleshy tips of my delicate artist's fingers, I found it difficult to type the necessary blog entries that typically follow a podcast posting. I apologize for my curious nature and apparent lack of caution with respect to toxic UFO wreckage. In the future I promise to be more wary with regards to such matters.

If you have been listening to the Anomaly podcast, you would know that we have uploaded two and a quarter podcasts since my last blog posting. The 'quarter of a podcast' is a video that absolutely refuses to fraking download. Yes, I'm annoyed by this fact. Public Service Announcement: sometimes technology bites. Anyway, we are working to remedy the situation, which means it may be several months before it's fixed because we're swamped at work. In the mean time, please visit our youtube channel where all the video podcasts that refuse to download from our feed, are patiently awaiting your attention, subscriptions and generous ratings ;) .

Our other two episodes are entitled: "Buffy, You Know...Slayer, The" and "Anomaly Of Renfest Round Tables". Okay so the titles I typed are slightly altered—my co-host refuses to follow my suggestion for titles and tends to 'off road' just a little. Just joking buddy. Wait, who am I kidding? She doesn't read the blog :D . Well, just in case you do read this Angela, I really am kidding. Really... I am... I promise.

Regarding the Buffy episode, Angela is a hugongo fan of The Vampire Slayer. I however, am simply a casual fan who appreciates the show and enjoys hearing my friend's hilarious and insightful input regarding this Joss Whedon work of art. Get this, she has written college papers on the subject of Buffy and the original Star Wars trilogy, and she was working on her Masters Degree when she did so. I have yet to learn what grade she made on the papers in question, but from what I understand she was a brilliant student so I'm inclined to believe she aced them. You know what? She should totally post them here. Everyone send Angela demanding emails at and entice her to upload her papers.

Our latest episode, "Anomaly of Renfest Round Tables" was a Texas Renaissance Festival '08 preparatory session, in which a group of Anomalies, or socially functional geek girls, informed our listening audience about the fun one might have while attending such an event. It was a rather funny episode if I do say so myself, even though the quality of the recording suffered due to the microphone to Anomaly ratio. Overall it sounded decent and I think you will enjoy this edition of our show, even if you're not an avid Renfest goer. This episode may convince you to attend a festival in your area... or avoid it altogether. Either way you will find the information useful and entertaining.

We went to Plantersville, Texas (the location of said festival) on Halloween Weekend and witnessed a number of freaky things while camping outside the fairgrounds... No, we did not see any 'ghosties' and we did not document the weirdness I am referring to. Just know that a nearby camp "redefined" the Silence Of The Lambs quote: "It puts the lotion in the basket." That's all I'm going to say. Oh, and I got to be a ninja which was just flipp'n awesome!

So, what can you expect from the Anomaly Podcast this month? Do we have a treat for YOU! Angela and I are what we like to call, "bilingual fans girls". What does that mean? It means we are Anomalies—we love both Star Trek and Star Wars. Please keep that in mind when you read what we plan to do in our upcoming show, and remember we do this in love and not because we're haters. Angela and I will be recording a Mystery Science Theater style review of The Star Wars Holiday Special, with two or three of our funniest friends: KC and Gerald and possibly Angela's non-geek sister, Kristi.

We plan to record our episode on December the fourteenth and I will begin editing it the fifteenth. I hope to finish the editing in time for Christmas. Expect our bashing of this steaming pile of Life Day Poodoo, to slide down your podcast receiver very soon. I believe it will be most impressive.

Finally, I just wanted to let our new listeners know that the Anomaly podcast is a monthly podcast. Yeah, I know... several listeners have said they wish we would put out more episodes. I wish we could too, but to be honest I think we produce better shows when there is a significant gap between our episodes. We come back fresh, funny and ready to hit the ground running.

Please post a comment, blog about us, talk about us on another podcast or email Angela and I to let us know we're not just talking to ourselves—which we're totally cool with, we're just curious creatures by nature as I mentioned in paragraph two.

Peace out,
Co-host of Anomaly

p.s. The image I used in this blog can be found here. I thought it was hi-larious and ironically fitting.

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