Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anomaly Special: Star Trek Boldly Part I

“Boldly” Part I, introduces the main characters of the U.S.S. Arrabella and hints at the crew’s growing dilemma. More details will be revealed as each installment is released.

This production is an adaptation of the Treks In Sci-Fi writing project known as the "RPG". The project is written more like a novel than a Role Playing Game, but writers who participate are responsible for creating one or more characters and developing the story from their characters’ viewpoint. There are now eight seasons in the RPG, and the ninth season will begin in a few weeks. Each season lasts about three months and contains a story arc. Visit the Treks In-Sci-Fi forum to read the past arcs in the thread entitled: The Story So Far. Or listen to the weekly Ready Room Microcast, hosted by Rick, Jen and Kenny, to hear dramatic readings of the upcoming season.

Because the story was first written in novel form, it is narrated to showcase the writing project. Voice actors, sound effects and a sound track were added to bring the story to life. Most of the music was specifically written for this audio drama. The intro and outro was written and preformed by Nathan Moyer. The following songs (listed in the order they appear) were created by his father, Rick Moyer: Neutral Zone (Sevryll and Quinn intro scene), Choir ST Theme Intro or Outro (Doctors Peterson and Drett intro scene, Whalified ST The Me Intro (Lt K’Tan intro scene), Outer Under Space (Lt. Tain and Sarg Tarrent intro Scene), Plunk Plunk (Rory and Lt. Aeric James Intro), There’s Just The Three Of Us (Five Forward/ Lt. Stass intro). The following songs (listed in the order they appear) were written and preformed by Kevin MacLeod: Vulcan Theme (Zremm flashback to Vulcan), Frost Waltz (cat and dog scene), Shamanistic (K’ararth holodeck scene).

Writers who collaborated on “Boldly”, are members of the Treks In Sci-Fi forum so the following list may contain strange user names—consider them their “pen names”.

Writers for Boldly Part I:

Kenny: Captain Nathan Quinn, Ensign Took, Lieutenant Plummer

Jen: Commander Sevryll, Dennis the Hologram and Doctor Ryla Drett.

Rico Dostie: Lieutenant Zremm

Rick Moyer: Counselor Margon

Duffster”: Lieutenant Cedric Tain and Sergeant Mike Tarrent

“Just X”: Lieutenant Aeric James, Rory the hologram and Aria James.

“BryanCD”: Lieutenant Commader K’ararth (Chief Engineer)

“Wraith1701”: Lieutenant K’Tan (Security Officer), Five Forward Waiter and Lieutenant Tara Stass (Security Officer).

"Iceman": Doctor Casey Peterson (Chief Medical Officer)

Actors for Boldly Part I:

Kenny: Capatain Nathanial Jacob Quinn

Jen: Narrator, voice of the computer, Commander Sevryll

Rico Dostie: Lieutenant Zremm

Rick Moyer: Counselor Margon

Angela: Lieutenant. Stass and Doctor Ryla Drett

Billy (Jen's little bro): Dennis the hologram and Lieutenant K'Tan

Michelle (his fiance): Lieutenant Plummer

Kasey: Rory the hologram

"Vartock": Doctor Lucas and Lieutenant Cedric Tain

Meds: Sargent Mike Tarrent

Edward Woodward III: Five Forward Waiter

"billybob476": Ensign Took

Darrell: Lieutenant Aeric James

Mixed, directed, casted by Jen

Co-host of Anomaly
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wraith1701 said...

I have to say; this audio-play is AMAZING! The actors, the music, the effects, EVERYTHING about this production clicked with me. I'm looking forward to the next installment!