Friday, March 27, 2009

Anomaly Of The Big Frak'n BSG Finale

Rest in peace, Battlestar.... cue the grieving solo trumpet, playing taps.

Last Friday, Angela and I sat down with our friend Mark, during a raging BSG finale party, to discuss the big frak’n ending to a great series. Be warned, we were VERY excited when we recorded this. Immediately following the credits, we went from the den, and the party downstairs, directly to the studio to discuss our thoughts. To put it mildly, we were energized...

We video recorded our reactions to the episode as we were watching it, which we’ll post in our blog after I’ve finished editing it.

Remember when I said blogging was hard? Well, so is podcasting. It takes A LOT of work to edit these bad boys. You know what makes it worth all the effort? Your highly anticipated emails, blog comments and ratings, of course. Please remember to tip your co-hosts (with feedback). ;)

Download Episode Now (right click and save target as)

Promos played (available on iTunes and many other distributors):
Treks In Sci-Fi
The Adventures Of Indiana Jim
Knights Of The Guild
Take Him With You
Waffle On

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