Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anomaly Of The X-Files And Jose Chung

Our latest installment of Anomaly features a television segment on Battlestar Galactica. The episodes we discuss includes everything after the premier (Deadlock through Island in a Stream Of Stars). Our main topic is on the X-Files episode: Jose Chung From Outer Space.

Please note, spoilers are rampant in this edition of Anomaly. If you have yet to watch either of these shows, and prefer to remain spoiler free, do not read on and do not listen to our latest episode before you've had the opportunity to catch up. Do not pass "Go", do not collect two-hundred dollars.

Angela and I both love the X-Files and we each rank this particular episode, from the third season, as one of the best. It's quirky and fun, not to mention very quotable. We talked about some of the things we liked about the show in general, before going over our favorite moments in Jose Chung From Outer Space. Music used: David Duchovny.

As far as Battlestar is concerned, our individual views of the final season differs greatly from one another. My co-host believes that the show is heading no where fast. I think it's getting there too quickly, but I'm enjoying the ride despite the speed. A healthy debate was the result of our difference of opinion, which usually makes for a good Anomaly cast.

During our chat, I brought up the fact that the BSG last supper image, was paralleled within Ellen's 'interrogation' scene, in the episode Deadlock. For more information on this image, listen to the Anomaly episode entitled: "Anomaly Episode 5" (posted April 3, 2008). Check out that cast to hear our theories on the symbolism offered in the BSG portrait. The images below are photo comparisons of a scenes from Deadlock, and the BSG Last Supper portrait.

Battlestar has religious undertones, but keep in mind it is not our universe. Though there are similar ideologies, it's a fictional culture. As we mentioned in "Anomaly Episode 5", our belief is that this portrait was utilized simply to click the 'symbolism button' that would allow the viewer to see the symbolic sacrifices the characters were making, and the roles they had yet to play in the series.

Comparison of interrogation of Ellen in Deadlock and BSG Last Supper Image

Bill Adama's position (Last Supper and Deadlock)

Lee's position (Last Supper Image and Deadlock)

The Challis (Last Supper) and Pitcher/cup positions (Deadlock)

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billybob476 said...

Great episode ladies, very astute observations about the BSG last supper. Looking forward to seeing how it all ends. On the space channel here in Canada they'll be doing a 13 hour BSG marathon culminating in the last episode.

I love (and I mean LOVE) the new 'sound bite', I can sympathize with that guy.

Keep up the great work and I'll definitely be looking forward to a new show very soon!