Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angela’s Star Trek (XI) Movie Thoughts

To the Star Trek fan:
My name is Angela, I am an Anomaly and I approve this version of Star Trek. Most of us Trek people :) will be divided into people who enjoy this new incarnation, and those who will be picky toward the movie for certain choices. I have to admit that being a hard and fast TNG fan, the artistic license with TOS characters does not affect me as viscerally as it probably could. As for the movie: the special effects were awesome and the film in general was fun to watch. I really liked the casting, but felt Uhura could have been “healthier” if you know what I mean. And though the actors playing Bones and Scotty could have been caricatures, I really felt like they captured the essences of the characters we love while putting a “mirror” spin on it. When I say "mirror" that doesn’t mean it has to be all goatees and bare midriffs. Like the episode, Parallels from TNG season 7 shows us, the differences in universes can be as simple as a chocolate instead of white cake or that the Borg take over and we are all about to die. Also they got us because we, as Star Trek fans, are pre-disposed to believe in things like parallel universes. In fact the History Channel conveniently ran an episode of The Universe on parallel universes on the same day they resurrected the Star Trek auction documentary and “How William Shatner Changed the World”. I don’t think that this was by chance. To that end, if we accept the principle of parallel universes we open ourselves up to so many story-telling opportunities. Now should Star Trek become Sliders in space…um…no! But as a well used plot device, I am completely willing to accept this. And to end this section, one little anecdote… Star Trek (XI) is not a regular Star Trek film, I will not dispute that. In fact I have decided it is the football team of Star Trek films. But to this I propose that schools with good football teams also have stronger arts programs because the football team brings attention and money to the school. So if this Star Trek is not exactly what you like, please know that it is opening up the world of Star Trek to be bigger and better than ever for us in the AV club. I love you guys and live long and prosper.

To the non-geek:
This is action packed and the actors are beautiful. I think you will like it and please tell your friends.

To the Dyed-in-the-wool Star Wars fan:
Look there is nothing that says you cannot like both Star Trek and Star Wars. I think that this film could help you become a fan of both. So for 2 hours put down your light saber and pick up a phaser. You will be glad you did.
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