Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anomaly of the Vampyre: Featuring Twilight

This installment of Anomaly features a discussion on the vampires of Twilight and how they compare to Buffy and other vampire series. We'll let you know what we thought of the movie and our guest, Holly, will fill you in on the novel series and how it differs from the film. If you're anti-spoiler, I recommend you watch the film before you listen to our latest episode.

If you don't care about the spoilers, I think you might want to check out the movie and/or novels after hearing our thoughts on the series. I personally had absolutely no interest in Twilight...until I watched the film. It was enjoyable and the soundtrack totally rocked!

If you hate vampires, this series might interest you. It's a gentler/milder version of a blood sucking Romeo and Juliet. It's a romantic series written for young adults, but it's still enjoyable for old fogies like me.

If you're a vampire fan, but dislike the thought 'defanging' your favorite monsters, give it a chance. This series offers a different perspective on the vamp genre. It's unique and should be allowed into the fold despite the changes.

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Music featured on this podcast is available on the Twilight Soundtrack found on iTunes, Amazon and other music retailers. Supermassive Black Hole and Bella's Lullaby

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Special thanks to Sarah Gilbertson for sending us "Battlestar Galactaca: The Official Companion". We very much appreciate your generosity, Sarah.

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