Monday, August 10, 2009

Margaret Joins The Fray

Hi, I’m Margaret. I spell-check my 1337-5p34k, and I am an Anomaly.
So this is my first-ever experience with blogging, and the Anomaly folks wanted me to introduce myself and give some credentials. I’m an omnivorous reader of everything from hard sci-fi to epic fantasy to space opera to mainstream fiction to romance novels (/blush) to mysteries to travel books to… well anything. I read about 5–6 books a week, although the downside is the need to read something at least twice before I REALLY absorb it. What I’ve read this past week in no particular order: James Blaylock: The Paper Grail, Lisa Jackson: Absolute Fear, Alastair Reynolds: Chasm City, Jacqueline Carey: Santa Olivia and Kushiel's Mercy, Carol O’Connell: Crime School, and Christopher Moore: You Suck.

I’ve been a rabid World of Warcraft player since shortly after the game came out (you may have heard me being uh… rabid on an Anomaly episode); a costume-wearing, no-bath-taking, Loki-drinking RenFaire geek; a huge Sims 3 fan (and Aarin fangirl); can and will quote extensively from Kids in the Hall; obsessed with nonograms and logic puzzles; an emotional hedgehog; and think Stephanie Meyer should be forcibly introduced to Mr. Pointy for making vampires sparkly.

So, future blogs from me may be on anything including:

*Experiences of an Old-School WoW Player in the Not-So-Brave New World of Warcraft

*Weird Little Games and Websites: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

*What is Margaret Reading Now and Why Should We Care?

*Recommendations for Nerdlets: 10 Anomaly-Worthy Books for the Child of your Loins

*Movies I Think are Underrated/Overrated and Why I Love/Hate Them

My husband and I will also be attending DragonCon this year in Atlanta. This will be my first “con” aside from BlizzCon, so I’m very excited! You can anticipate (or dread) a loooooong post about that in the future!

So, that’s me. IRL and in-text I tend to make a lot of obscure and internally-referenced jokes, so please let me know if you don’t get one, although my explanations usually seem to make people MORE confused rather than less. =)

Anomaly Staff Writer
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P.S. I *just* finished watching the special edition of the first season of Joss Whedon’s/Eliza Dushku’s new series Dollhouse, and it is bloody FABULOUS! Makes me wish I had functional television. I can’t track down when the regular DVD is coming out (a friend got the special edition at Comicon and let me borrow it), but you can bet I’ll be buying a copy for myself.


Archangela said...

I agree Margaret. I watched Dollhouse via DVR and I am hooked. I heard there is a special episode on the DVD that takes place in the future. Did you watch it?

Feathers44 said...

On Dollhouse - I thought the DVD was just out in the US but I could be wrong.

That final episode airs on Sky in the UK this week. DVR is set!