Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

Hi, I'm Sue. I've made a mii for each of the senior staff on Star Trek TNG, and I am an Anomaly.

I'm also rather honored to be invited to be a contributor to the Anomalous Musings blog - exciting! But I'm supposed to introduce myself. Well, my BA is in Mathematical Chaos Theory, and I work in Arts Administration, where the most complicated math I do is multiplication. I still love math, and I try to keep up with what's going on my field of study, because it's still a growing field and one that's only existed since the 1980s. I owe a lot of my geekiness to my older brother, who actually makes a living as a mathematician, and started exposing me to Star Wars, Star Trek, and sci-fi lit at a very early age (5-6 weeks!). And we'll likely be attending WorldCon 2011 together (as we did WordCon 2004/Noreascon 4). What's WorldCon? The World Science Fiction Convention!

My first geek-love is Star Trek, everything else follows from that. I'm loving the geek-comedy craze - Big Bang Theory, Futurama - that seems to be happening now. Somehow I missed a lot of great sci-fi television over the last few years. In the past year, I've discovered Farscape and Stargate, and I completely missed the BSG bandwagon (don't worry, the DVDs are in the Netflix queue). Of course, by watching DVDs, I don't watch current television. And now that it's baseball season, I'm not watching anything else until [hopefully] late October.

I love baseball. And theater. And books. And video games. And learning. And food. And silliness. I truly believe that you can be a geek about anything, it's more of a level of interest and excited about a topic than a personality trait. It follows that I subscribe to over 40 podcasts, with nearly 700 unheard episodes. I love to read, but my podcasts have recently been encroaching on my reading time. Maybe I needed to reevaluate...

Anyway, the type of posts you can expect from me...
*old tv series I've just discovered, not necessarily sci-fi but definitely geeky
*other podcasts and why I love them
*books! (Jen's been trying to get me to write book reviews for months)
*the rare convention that I attend
*geek viral videos that everyone needs to see
*games, both video and board
*math! (no, I won't post my senior research paper)
*other: _____________________

And, finally, I tend to type as I talk when blogging. It doesn't always translate to the written word. If I don't make sense, please tell me, and I'll edit. I also tend to forget to capitalize - forgive me. So, I guess it's off to the races. Any suggestions as to what my first non-introduction post should be about?

Anomaly Staff Writer
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Jen said...

Welcome to the Anomaly writing staff Sue! Gamma Quadrant Golf Clap!

Archangela said...

Sue, awesome. I am so glad you are "in". Welcome to the group. This is so exciting.