Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not So Mini, MiniSkirt Ep: In The Shadows

This week's edition of Anomaly features an interview with Dany Pepin. I hosted this "not so mini MiniSkirt cast" alone, but never fear, your favorite Anomaly co-host will return later this month for our next 'fully loaded' episode. Don't forget to vote for that show's main topic! So far, Firefly: "Shindig" is winning by a landslide! Just select the topic that interests you the most and your vote will be tallied. Easy peezy. ;)

Now to discuss the interview... Dany Pepin is the co-host of Star Wars en Direct and writer, director and producer of the audio dramas Star Wars: Omega Squad Targets and Star Wars: In The Shadows. Dany is a fan who decided to try his hand at his own Star Wars story and the above mentioned audio dramas are the result of his hard work. Creating something like this, no matter one's skill set, is a labor of love and the only payment is the fun had while making it. Dany is working to complete the series by the fall of this year. You can keep up with the production updates by following him on Twitter or subscribing to his web site.

In addition to my interview with Dany, I have included a segment recorded by Nathan P. Butler of the Butlernerverse and Chronoradio podcasts, The Star Wars Timeline Gold , co-author of Star Wars Tales #21 Equals and Opposites and founder of the Star Wars Fanworks web site (the network that Anomaly is apart of). Nathan was kind enough to provide an Expanded Universe background on the two characters who appear in this drama, Guri (played by me) and Xizor (played by Jim Perry). You can find a plethora of great Star Wars audio dramas at Give them a listen! Star Wars Fanworks also has a great community that Anomaly is apart of. Check it out at and while your at it, sign up for the other community Angela and I frequent at

Dany did me a favor and sent one of the completed scenes that Guri appears in. The scene is a bit out of context, but you'll be able to hear the quality work he put into this project and get a taste of what's to come.

Let Dany and Nathan know you heard them on our show! Check out the links I provided above and tell them what you thought. :)

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