Sunday, August 2, 2009

I've Go Strength... I've Got Streeeennnnnggggth...

Anomaly is growing! We've added three new writers to our blog. Please welcome our friends and fellow Anomalies (socially functional fan girls): Kasey, Margaret and Sue to the Anomalous Musing writing staff.

Sue (AKA spaltor) is a blogger, friend and valued listener who has sent us great feedback in the past. Margaret is a personal friend and fellow Renfester. She has appeared as a guest on "Anomaly Of Renfest Round -Tables". Kasey is also a personal friend, blogger, valued listener and guest host. She joined us on the episode: "Anomaly Of The Star Wars Holiday Special". Look for their articles in the next few weeks and don't forget to welcome them aboard!

Our 'not so mini MiniSkirt Cast' is now in the feed: Anomaly MiniSkirt In The Shadows featuring an interview with Dany Pepin, writer and director of the upcoming audio drama: Star Wars In The Shadows. See the Show notes in the blog post below. Swing by our web site in the next day or so, we are adding a podcast player to our Archive page for those of you who don't want to subscribe. Bare in mind our podcast subscription is free—we are only paid in listener emails and iTunes ratings. :D

Talk to you soon,

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