Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anomaly of Rockin Ren Fest 2009

Happy Sunday! Mein Name ist Angela und ich bin eine Abweichung. I hope that means what I think it means.

I have been asked by my wonderful fellow overlord Jen, to write the blog for this installation of the Anomaly Podcast. In this episode we talk about the wettest Ren Fest so far. On October 9th we rode three hours just missing the really hard rain and arrived to find...well for you WOW players basically the Wetlands. The rain is the big story. I will get to the fest later. Anyway, luckily our friends Mark and Margaret had joyfully obtained The Recreational Vehicle of Doom/Mobile Maternity Ward. So instead of spending the evening around a fire we spent it in what looks in the photos like some dude's apartment in college. He had a kegger man! But I digress. The major wetness did not dampen our spirits. We had yummy food, amazing conversation.... Easter egg at the end of podcast... and we had a wonderful, perfect weather day at the faire.

King's Feast: King's Feast was amazing and lived up to its name. All gluttony, imbibing and foolishness. It was decided that we will be partaking every year from now on. Except for some strange dessert option, an all around wonderful meal too.

Costumes: The theme that wasn't. We decided to attend on opening weekend which is Brewfest or Ocktoberfest weekend. Since dirndls and lederhozen are not really our thing, most of us just did our own thing. But in pictures you will see a surprising thru-line that ties the group together. I guess we are just really in sync. However I, Angela did decide that since I am of German heritage that I would go ahead and created a Ren Fest version of a dirndl. Jen and I worked together to create a steam-punk (our new obsession) costume for her. This was our first attempt into the steam-punk genre and I expect more coming soon. The rest of the group donned amazing chainmail by Stephanie and our new friend, David shown behind Angela in the picture.

What else can I say? It was a great day and a great year of Ren Fest...festivities. Great food, great times and really really really great friends. I don't know who else I would rather spend a soggy couple of days with. Huzzah Everyone!!

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Featured bands in this episode:
Wine and Alchemy

Texas Renaissance Festival

Promos Played:
Rick Moyer's Stargazer album promo
EU Cantina
Take Him With You
Appy Times
Knights Of The Guild
Waffle On
Here Goes Nothing

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Beth said...

Great podcast, as always. Also, thanks for playing Tartanic - I had never heard of them before, but Uncivilized is now one of my favorite albums.