Monday, September 20, 2010

Anomaly of an Anomaly

Today at 11:30 am Central, Angela underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her body. This all happened rather suddenly. She found out she had the tumor two weeks ago and just learned it was cancer this past Friday.

Her mother updated me this afternoon. The surgery is complete and the doctors believe they removed all of the cancer. She also indicated that the cancer did not look as though it had spread. That being said, they are still waiting on the pathology and we will know more later.

Anomaly will return. Angela is insistent that we record something while she's on bed rest, but it's possible that we won't have a show to put up for a few weeks. We don't want people to think we're podfading, especially since I've been on hiatus because of my new baby. Please be patient...don't unsubscribe. We are coming back.

FYI, she does NOT want this information on Facebook, so friends...don't post anything there. She doesn't want it getting back to family who don't know yet.

If you want to help, please send Angela get well messages via email or audio comment by using our google voice mail line, you can also find a widget here on the blog.

Thank you all. We appreciate your friendship. Anomaly forever.

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Geekyfanboy said...

Awesome news.. let's hope they got it all and she makes a quick recovery.. miss hearing my favorite Anomalies talk geek on The Anomaly podcast.

Sarah and Andrew said...

I am so so so so SO happy to hear that they don't think that the cancer has spread, but Andrew and I will not stop praying and we DEFINITELY won't stop listening for Anomaly!:)
Please keep us all updated, we really appreciate it!

Anne said...

This is such great news. I hope Angela is resting well and keeping her spirits up. Keep us updated! We miss hearing your digital geekifications. :)

Starbase said...

Dear Angela,
From all of us at the Starbase 66 podcast we wish you a speedy, complete, and painless recovery.

Yours in geekitude,
Adm. Marius

Starbase said...

Dear Angela,
All of us at the Starbase 66 podcast wish you a speedy, complete, and painless recovery.

Yours in geekitude,
Adm. Marius

Sue said...

Jen, thank you so much for updating all of us! I'm sure it was difficult for you not to be there today.

And for Angela, Jim, and Little Russell, you're all in my thoughts and prayers. <3

Edward Woodward III said...

Kick this thing in its !@# Angela!

Mike said...

Angela -- Sending warm wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery your way! Mike P. Drexel Hill

Jen said...

Angela isn't up for seeing visitors yet, but I talked to her on the phone. She is very touched by the out pouring of support. She is doing very well, just feeling very sore and very drugged. Thank you all for your prayers and your 'good vibes'. Keep sending your emails to our account or record a google voice message for her (use the widget to the right of this post)I will continue to keep you updated until Angela can update you all herself. Peace out! Jen

qimster said...

great news! cancer is a scary word but we all have your back and lots of love and support to give you. get well and get lots of rest!!

Jen said...

Just heard from Angela... The pathology on the tumor indicated the cancer did not metastasize. They got all of it out. They're going to do a little chemo just to make sure nothing microscopic made it through. In her words: "something's gonna get me one day, Jen...but it's not gonna be this." WOOT!

Sue said...

YAY!!!! Such great news!!!

Archangela said...

Hello everyone. Well, I am still in the hospital. But we are hoping to get out late today or early tomorrow. I am progressing very well and feel kinda like i did physically after i had Russell. Which is as much as I will share for your sakes. If you have questions, I am open to discuss via email, but some things are better not blogged about because they are just kinda icky. Anyway, there are not words to express or dances to do or promos to record that can possibly capture how completely overwhelmed I have been by all of the positive energy, prayers and support from everyone. I won't lie, this is hard and I have been in some pain. It has been the longest 2 weeks of my life EVER. You guys know I hate to be cliche so I will just do it now: I know that the web of positive energy that all of you helped cast did aid and will continue to aid in my recovery. Alright now that is done. :)

So while I was here I got some awesome flowers which I will be contacting everyone separately about, but i did have to tell you guys that my brother-in-law brought me a Hoth Leia, a Cloud City Luke and a Clone Trooper which I thought you would enjoy. Also in just a minute I am going to play KOTOR right here in honor of our Anomaly friends just because I can. Thank you so much for everything and I will write more soon. Viva l'Anomaly!!