Friday, October 1, 2010

Dragon*Con: A to Z

Hi, I'm Sue. A typical topic of conversation at my workplace is whether Computer Engineer Barbie uses a Mac or PC, and I am an Anomaly. And I attended Dragon*Con 2010. But I'm not going to give you a con report here. Why? Well, when Anomaly episodes are back up and running, there are plans to bring you a Dragon*Con episode. Are you excited? I am!

So, instead of a con report, I bring you "Dragon*Con: A to Z" in pictures. All images below are clickable, although some won't get that much bigger. Also, have you ever noticed how poorly lit hotels are? Please forgive any dark/blurry images - I did my best to correct them. Now - enough excuses - on to the awesome:

A is for Anomalies. Pictured here are Mark (Lachiades on the forum) and Margaret (a staff writer). We ran into each other at D*C completely by chance. But you'll just have to wait to hear that story...

B is for Bacon. Because B is always for Bacon.

C is for Cookies. (That's good enough for me.)

D is for Double Rainbow. It's so intense!!!

E is for Elements and Einsteinium. Cool concept, but unfortunately a lot of the costumes for the other elements fell a little flat.

F is for Filking.

G is for Glee Gone Gaga.

H is for Hammered.

I is for The Incredibles. And don't they look incredible? Wow.

J is for Jedi.

K is for Klingon Warrior.

L is for Lunch Break.

M is for the Marriott Marquis. The craziest, most sci-fi hotel of all time.

N is for Nintendo.

O is for Ornithopter. Or in normal words, a steampunk flying machine.

P is for Puss in Boots.

Q is for Quailman. Does anyone remember Doug besides me and this guy? Doug was awesome.

R is for Ridiculous. 'Nuff said.

S is for Superman.

T is for Time Lords.

U is for Up.

V is for Vampires.

W is for Weeping Angels.

X is for X-Men gone cyberpunk.

Y is for Yummy. If you're ever in Atlanta, take a side trip to Decatur and go to Steinbeck's. You won't be sorry.

Z is for Zombie Marie Antoinette. Amazing.

And that does it, folks. To see more Dragon*Con photos, you can visit my webshots galleries: Parade, Masquerade, and Around The Con. And, as I mentioned before, stay tuned to the Anomaly Podcast feed for an upcoming episode on Dragon*Con!


Mark said...

A is for "Awesomesauce," which this post is. Good job, Spaltor! Jen was teasing me that I have no pictures of me in either of my costumes at DCon. At least you got one of Margaret and me somewhat in costume. My unalphabetized pics of this years and last years are at

Mark said...
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Anne said...

This is so creative and so awesome. I LOVED all the pictures. I'm so jealous! I wish I'd read it before we met up today so I could squee at you for it's coolfantabulousness in person! :)

Lisa said...

I love Dragon*Con and miss it so much! The Elements parade group though was originally supposed to just be people in t-shirts with the element written on the shirt, so the non-costumed ones didn't fall flat, the costumed ones just went above and beyond. :) Oh, and that's the back of my Time Lord head in the letter T. Thanks for using us. :D