Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The 10 Best Moments of "The Guild" Season 4

My name is Anne, I just pooped my chainmail, and I'm an Anomaly.

Yes, ladies (and anonymous Anomalous Gents), at 3AM this morning the Season Finale of The Guild Season 4 hit the web. I woke up bright and early to catch the episode and was not disappointed!

THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS, so watch the episode! Better yet: watch the whole season.

This season has been my favorite one to date. It had so many twists and turns and the comedy was at an all time high. The production quality is astounding, and has been for a long time, but the richness of this season is better than ever on every level from performance, to plot, to production. So, rather than review this stellar season, I've decided to celebrate this finale by listing my 10 Best Moments of The Guild Season 4.

1. Bitch Cat
Bitch Cat first made an appearance as poster on Tink's wall and in the final episode, replaces the giant austere statue of Vork in the Guild Hall when it becomes the Puffy Pink Palace. Think of her as the evil version of Hello Kitty. I applaud Greg Aranowitz's prop genius.
2. Clara's Squid Hat
Episode 1 of the season made a splash with Clara's Squid hat courtesy of Obey My Brain Creations. The whole cast sported these hats during their panel at San Diego ComiCon. "Enchant a fish and make a wish, the Festival of The Sea!!"

3. The Team Cawkes Painting. Oh the painting.
In an orbs to the wall attempt to show Codex how much he supports her "relationship" with Fawkes, Zaboo commissions a friend who does van art to render a romance novel style painting of the couple. Guess what, Team Cawkes? You're in luck because ThinkGeek is now selling them. Again, Greg Aronowitz is a genius. Got it?

4. Taste My Pirate Paddy!
The Cheesybeards commercial starring Bladezz in all his smarmy glory is probably one of the funniest things created in the history of The Guild. Vince Caso at his finest.

5. Venom
I'm a fan of anything that features Venom (played by Teal Sherer). Even though she didn't have a huge role this season, these words will haunt my funny bone forever. "Nice dress. Go die in it."

6. The Proposal and the "In-Game" Wedding
Vork proposes to Zaboo's mom in an effort to drive her away, and she says YES. What's even crazier? Vork decides to go through with it and begins to call Zaboo "son." Awkward'd. Plus, having the ceremony in-game was a complete treat for the fans who finally got to see what the game world looks like, including some background dueling action from Tink and Bladezz.

7. Jeanette
Jeanette is the overworked and under-appreciated sassy waitress who works at Cheesybeards. She is definitely a scene stealer, ESPECIALLY when dancing to the beat of her down drum. Literally. Refer to the "Taste My Pirate Paddy" video again if you need a hilarious example.

8. The Birthday Dinner
Zaboo's mom takes her son and his gamer friends to dinner. Between Vork ordering a huge amount of food to take home with him and Fawkes showing up to cause trouble and smooch Codex, this scene was full of epic win.

9. Tink and Clara creating "Pregamers."
It's hard to pick a favorite moment from this story line because everything is great. From the initial brainstorming session with Wiggly, to arguing over the pronunciation of "Pregamers," to selling 8 bit baby T-Shirts to fat men, to Tink finally admitting that she likes working with Clara... the list goes on! Plus, you can buy a Pregamer shirt at Jinx.com!

10. Operation Team Zabex: Commence
Ever since The Guild started, I have loved Zaboo, mostly due to Sandeep Parikh's performance. He manages to be creepy, socially inept, funny, needy, and charming all at once. Sure, Zaboo has "stalkerish tendencies," but with a little maturing and some social adjustments, he's just a sweet little guy with a big heart. As his character development progressed over the years, I always hoped that Codex would give him another look, especially after his tear jerking line in Season 2, "I guess my princes is in another castle." At the end of Season 3 they seemed to be getting along great. I even noted a hint of chemistry in their post battle royale conversation before STUPID FAWKES butted in. People told me I was crazy when I presented this theory, but BEHOLD! In today's episode, Codex begins to schwing for Zaboo just as he has truly accepted his "best friend" status update. I can't wait to see how this plays out! Could this be the Rachel/Ross relationship of the webseries world? Team ZABEX, UNITE. /handhold'd.

The thing about The Guild is that it's all incredible. I didn't even mention a billion other moments that made this season so special. So, please add your favorites to this list in the comments section. At least that will give us something to do while we wait for Season 5!

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Ben said...

Nice list Anne. I still have to run through and pick my favorite Vork reaction. Although I think his reaction after proposing easily takes the prize. Still gonna go back and see if I can find one that beats it.

Anne said...

I'm a big fan of the "I am not putting my mouth to your mouth." Did you watch the bloopers reel they released yesterday? The Sandeep/Jeff stuff is RIDICULOUS. Oh to be a fly on wall during those shoots... Then I'd surely poop my chainmail... from laughing.


Bleyddyn said...

> 8. The Birthday Dinner

Plus? The back of my head is in that scene! How awesome is that?

Some fans got to be extras ("background") in the dinner scene and the Cheesybeards crowd.

Joe said...

I'm pretty sure I saw Vince Caso in Claremont CA a few weeks ago and wanted to ask him to say "Taste My Pirate Paddy" then realized that was in bad taste since he was eating with friends at the time.

Anonymous said...

The part where Codex's computer kept malfunctioning was my favorite. Like in episode nine where she sounds like a chipmunk. I laughed so hard I almost peed. And I do every time I watch it. And I keep watching it over and over... Oh man... ^___^

Dani said...

Awesome list, Anne!

XavanQ said...

I can't beleive I let you plug into my port! ROFLMAO

Thea said...

Episode 11, hostile takeovers

As a non-gamer who hangs out with a lot of gamers, I adore anything with Mr.Wiggly.

I nearly died laughing at the banter between Mrs. Zaboo and Wiggly at the end of Ep.11, Hostile Takeovers.

Mrs. Zaboo: 'This is very...confusing'
Wiggly: 'Yeah...yeah it is'

waw said...

How about the video for "Game On!" I thought that was AMAZING!!!! Also the bit with Vork's stun gun and Zaboo's mom...Also the way Jeanette hoisted Fawkes over that rail and started pounding on him...{Not that I'm all about the violence, but that stuff was funny...)
Great, great season!

Sky Guy said...

Great list. You nailed it.
So glad to see #5. Could be my favorite line and it couldn't have been delivered any better than Teal did it.
Also love #8 for Zaboo's summary of his life.
And liking #10 for the possibility of an epic happy ending arc?