Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anomaly of Worst of Trek: Sub Rosa

In this addition of Anomaly, Angela and I reviewed a TNG episode entitled: Sub Rosa. This podcast installment marks the second in our "Worst of Trek" series, and we had way too much fun recording it. If you haven't seen this particular Trek episode, Sub Rosa is basically the soap opera Passions set in space...or one of Angela's mom's "tawdry romance novels" adapted for the small screen.

Okay, hold on Trek fans, don't get your underoos in a knot. We did make fun of Sub Rosa, but it deserved the harassment we slapped it with. That said, we did so with love. It's okay to poke fun at certain Star Trek episodes from time to time; it won't make you a bad fan. Say it with us: "this Trek episode was WEIRD." There you go. We knew you could do it!

As promised , I designed the album art for the show to look like the cover of a "tawdry romance novel" and I used the photo of Angela and Jim's Renfest pic to create it.

In this installment , I announced several new things that are coming down the pike for Anomaly: a new web site, a Facebook page and a minicast called "Anomaly Supplemental". The mincast will be hosted by Anomalies you know from the blog; Sue, Kasey, Anne and our Anomalous Correspondent, Sarah. Look for their first episode to hit the feed two weeks from today. They'll be covering Slings and Arrows.

Thanks to everyone who sent us email and voice mail. Sorry, we only had time to play the voice mail messages, though we always appreciate any comments you send. Please keep them coming. And, if you can manage the time, please leave a comment and/or rate us on iTunes.
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Thank you to Meds from Waffle On for recording the Easter Eggs for us.

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Sue said...

I have that app Angela was talking about. It's called "Epic Win." It does make your to-do list more fun, but it definitely could be better. I just leveled up last night, to "Maiden of Iron Maiden." Whatever that means.