Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Felicia Day to Star in DRAGON AGE: REDEMPTION

I'm Anne, my fingers are still trembling from a tantric Dragon Age induced Geekgasm, and I am a frakkin' Anomaly. That, or I just have carpal tunnel from playing too many video games.

This morning, news hit the interwebs that Miss Felicia Day has written and will be starring in Dragon Age: Redemption, a new webseries being produced by Bioware.

Day will be playing Tallis, an elven assassin with a sarcastic sense of humor and a dirty fighting style who is sent to capture a renegade apostate mage on the run in Ferelden.

So what exactly was Felicia's preparation for writing a tale of these truly epic proportions? According to her twitter feed, two months of research, two full playthroughs, reading the Dragon Age novels, and a summer of writing.

USA Today posted an article announcing this amazing project and Game Hunters posted a great profile with more information on the series and Felicia's gamer history. Twitter has been aflutter with Dragon Age: Redemption news, so be sure to check the #dragonage trending topic and follow @feliciaday and @theguild. Felicia also released her own blog announcement and the following pictures on her Facebook page.

As usual, Day has surrounded herself with an amazing team. Directing Dragon Age: Redemption is Peter Winther (Independence Day) with cinematography by John Bartley (Lost). Greg Aranowitz takes the helm of production design and I seriously cannot wait to see what he comes up with as his work has been an unquestionable highlight of The Guild. If anyone can bring high fantasy to a limited budget webseries, he's the man for the job. The project was also co-produced by Kim Evey (The Guild, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show).

Release dates for this series have not been posted yet, but it will have a six-episode run this summer. According to her blog, Miss Day will be appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show tomorrow night (Feb. 16, 2011) to premiere the teaser, so look out for that on a television near you!

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