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Sue's Dragon Con 2013 Schedule

Hi, I'm Sue.  On Saturday, I got a haircut with bangs for the first time in 18 years, and all for cosplay.  And I am an Anomaly.  Once again, I'll be attending Dragon Con, and once again, a few unsuspecting track directors have agreed to let me sit on panels.  Keeping in mind that everything at Dragon Con is tentative until it's over, here's where I expect to be:

Dragon Con 101 Meet Up!
Friday at 10:00am
American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media Track (Marriot M302)
If you want to connect and and meet up with other DragonCon newbies, come to this casual meet and greet. This is an informal gathering.  (I am one of the veterans who has volunteered to be on hand to answer questions.)

Happiest Space Off Earth: Disney-Fied Sci-Fi
Friday at 11:30am
American Sci-Fi Classics Track (Marriott M303-304)
Many moons before Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars, they were all about geeky movies, from Dragonslayer to Black Hole.

Hidden Monsters: A Being Human Fan Panel
Friday at 1:00pm
Urban Fantasy Track  (Westin International BC)
A moderated fan-panel discussion of the hit series (US version).

Does a Contract Negate Non-Consent?
Friday at 5:30pm
WhedonUniverse Track (Westin International DE)
Dollhouse had the actives sign contracts. Where does that put the show where consent is concerned?

Much Ado about Shakespeare
Saturday at 1:00pm
WhedonUniverse Track (Westin International DE)
Discuss this contemporary take on a Shakespearean classic. Starring so many Whedonverse actors, there's plenty of reasons to make much ado!

Sidekicks - Hero Support or More?
Saturday at 7:00pm
American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media Track (Marriott M302)
Sometimes the best thing about a show is not the hero, but the sidekicks! Who’s your favorite? Kenzi? Chloe? Xander? or maybe its Diggle?

Orphan Black
Saturday at 8:30pm
Brit Track (Sheraton Macon)
A discussion of this groundbreaking show, including the ethics and legal issues of real-life cloning.

Gay Themes in Doctor Who
Saturday at 10:00pm
Brit Track (Marriott A601-602)
An examination of DW's role in breaking traditional walls of SF by acquiring a following in straight and gay communities.  (This panel was originally "Gender Roles in Doctor Who".  The topic changed, but I'm still on the panel.)

Me and my AI
Sunday at 2:30pm
American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media Track (Marriott M302)
The Macguffin of SF is Artificial Intelligence, a blessing or a curse. How has it been handled in media and has your perspective been colored by it?

Brit Fans on the Net: A Podcast Round Table
Monday at 10:00am
Brit Track (Sheraton Macon)
Brit Podcasters unite to discuss being an Anglophile on the net.

The Worlds of Terry Pratchett
Monday at 1:00pm
Brit Track (Sheraton Macon)
This panel discusses the many worlds of Terry Pratchett, including his newest works, The Long War and Raising Steam.

So, those are all my panels.  Look at them all!  How did that even happen?!  

In addition to all of those things, there are a few events that I'm 99% sure I'll be attending, including:  The American Sci-Fi Classics Party on Thursday Night, Friday Night Syfy Drive-In Theater showing of Super Shark (or at least part of it), the Doctor Who Anniversary Ball on Friday Night, and the Late Night Puppet Slam on Sunday night.  Phew!  Oh, and I'll be running The ATL 10K in the Atlanta heat on Saturday morning (in a Wonder Woman costume).

So, if you'll be in Atlanta over Labor Day Weekend this year, come say "hello!"  Attending any of the above listed events will likely be the best way to find me, but you can shoot me a tweet (@spaltor) during Con, or even email the Anomaly Supplemental account - moregilrygeekz(at)gmail(dot)com - and that should reach me.  See you there!

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