Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anomaly of The Game

Angela and I, scratch that. We lampooned the Star Trek The Next Generation, season five episode, entitled: "The Game". This podcast installment marks the first in a new Anomaly series that we're calling: "The Worst Of Trek". Now, before you get all 'defensive' about Star Trek and what it means to you, hear us out. We believe it's healthy as Trekkies to acknowledge the fact that, along with the very good episodes, there were some real stink bombs. The Game was one of those bombs. It's okay...admitting it won't make you a bad fan. Say it with us..."this Trek episode was WEIRD." There you go. I knew you could do it!

Originally, Angela and I thought we were going to label this Anomaly episode "explicit" because of the innuendos involved, but after listening to the finished product, we decided it really was a PG-13 episode as opposed to our usual PG rating. Shoot, it can't be too explicit with little Russ stealing the show every few minutes. :D

Also, yesterday marked our show's 3rd and 4rd podcast anniversary. That's three years in the iTunes store and four years of existence outside the store. We're not sure if we'll be producing an anniversary episode this may pop may not, BUT it would be AWESOME if you would send your congrats in the form of iTunes ratings/reviews. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge...know what I mean? Know what I mean? Say no MORE!

Oh, since I'm quoting Monty Python (Okay so it's probably not a direct quote), I should mention that Angela and I will be recording a joint podcast, on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with Meds and Kell from Waffle On in February. We would LOVE it if you could record and send mp3s of yourself quoting your favorite lines from The Holy Grail. You can also call our google voice mail line and send them in that way. Easy Peasy. Just click on the widget to the right of this blog post. You know...the widget with the telephone on it that says Call Me? Yeah...that's right...that's the one. Click it and call. Pllllleeeeeeeaaaaase?

Lastly, were' still waiting for people to send in their entries for our contest (the first we've EVER done). If we like your submission, the prize will be your very own"Stargazer" CD, by Rick Moyer. We're asking for geeky band names...that's original ones that you've made up. For instance, I named my band on Rock Band (the 360 game) "Scum and Villainy". When the game warned against such a name (saying it may be blocked from XBOX LIVE for being explicit) I opted for "Retched Hive", which was accepted with no problems. Go figure. Anyway, send your entries and your feedback about this, and our 35 other episodes, to That's girly geekz with a "z" at While you're at it, swing over to our forum and join up!

Thanks to everyone who sent in email and voice mail last month. We always appreciate those. Please keep them coming. And, if you can manage the time, please leave a comment here that pertains to the episode mentioned in these show notes. :D

Alright...that's enough for now.

Peace out!

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