Monday, January 17, 2011

Anomaly Of Star Trek and/or Star Wars

This installment of Anomaly is not really a debate, neither is it a "hater" episode. Angela and I try to avoid the typical geek arguments; like, which would win in a fight, a Borg Sphere or the Death Star? This episode is an abstract, philosophical discussion about those fans who prefer one genre over another and what that preference may say about those individuals. Star Trek or Star Wars? Which do you prefer? Why? Angela and I love both and would never reject either of them as a whole, but if someone forced us to choose one, we would have a preference. Listen to the episode to find out what that proclivity would be.

This discussion was inspired by Mia, a character from Pulp Fiction, and her question: "Are you a Beatles person or a Stones person?" This installment was also influenced by an article that DavidBrin wrote entitled: Star Wars" despots vs. "Star Trek" populists.

FYI, George R. R. Martin wrote Song of Ice and Fire. Forgive me, I misspoke when I said Brin wrote it. I'm very embarrassed about that. Please don't send me hate mail. I will read Song of Ice and Fire and all of Brin's novels once I finish the Wheel Of Time series, I promise. :)

Listen to the GeeksOn podcast to hear an interview recorded with Brin (ep. 129). GeeksOn is one of our favorite shows, it's also where Angela and I learned about Mr. Brin's article. He explains, in his own words, his reasons for preferring Star Trek over Star Wars. And, even though we don't agree with everything he said, Brin made some very good points. He's a interesting guy and so are the GeeksOn hosts. Check them out.

As promised, here is the summery of Fist Full of Datas (an episode in season 6 of Star Trek: The Next Generation). Spoiler Alert! If you haven't seen this episode of TNG, I do give away the plot in my summery/review. You've been warned.

If you're not a subscriber to the Anomaly Podcast, you can stream our latest episode here. If you like what you hear, our show is available via iTunes, Mediafly and You can also subscribe via our main web site. We never take ourselves seriously--we're not all knowing, "we know more than you do" geeks. We're just sci-fi and fantasy fans who also happen to be female; our show is an attempt to offer another perspective to the fan community...a female perspective on all things nerdy.

Thank you to Rick Moyer for producing the fun Heisenberg compensators "radio spot" at the end of our show. You rock as always, sir.

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Sarah and Andrew said...

Haven't gotten a chance to listen yet but REALLY looking forward to listening to it tomorrow!!!:)

As for me...if I HAD to would be somewhat hard as I grew up with both of them and they not only awesomeness but nostalgia as well.
But if I had to choose I would choose Star Trek, and basically because I believe Star Trek (in my opinion) has so much more depth and meaning-not just in the fantastic story lines but also the depth of the character development. I mean it's not surprising when you think that there have been 11 movies and five series of shows, they've had so much time to do what they needed to to get us to understand, sympathize, relate and love their characters. Not only that but the episodes and the movies contain equal parts stuff to make you REALLY think and stuff that just looks cool and makes an awesome explosion. :) I feel like Star Trek combines the best elements of thought-provoking and high-adventure. It's a thrill-ride with intellectual teeth so to speak...well except for maybe certain episodes that get made fun of by a certain two girls whose names start with Jen and Angela. :)
Plus for me I just feel like I relate so much more to the characters in Star Trek, I understand them or I want to be like them "when I grow up". :) I feel like also...when it just comes down to it I'd so much rather be apart of the Enterprise than the Millenium Falcon-I mean...not only do you get REALISTIC holograms but you can eat whatever you want and it's good for you!?! :-D
I love Star Wars and I always will...but if someone twisted my arm or held a phaser to my head and MADE me would be Star Trek. Every time.

Anne said...

Great episode! Made me really consider watching Star Trek and I think the comments about "which world would you rather live in" really brought up a part of Star Wars that I've never really thought about. Its certainly something to ponder!