Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anomaly Supplemental: Slings and Arrows, Act I

My name is KC, and I'm neither Jen nor Angela, but I am an Anomaly.

This is our very first installment of our special project, Anomaly Supplemental, in which Sue and I discuss the first season of the fantastic Canadian series "Slings and Arrows." We talk about the first few episodes of the series, actors we recognize from other works, the inspiration for the plot and characters, and basically have a geek out of Shakespearean proportions. While the show doesn't showcase any sort of science fiction or fantasy element , we feel that this is a show that geeks would enjoy as it features a different sect of fandom.

If you are interested in learning more about "Slings and Arrows", listen to our podcast to get the basic rundown. The series is available for streaming on Netflix, or you can purchase the DVDs and/or downloadable episodes through Amazon or Amazon.co.uk. Each season is only six episodes long, and easily marathon-able. It should be noted that this series does contain strong adult language and content, so the little ones (i.e., Anomalies-in-training) might need to sit out on this one.

After you watch the first season or the entire series, we would love it if you sent in your comments via email or voice recording, and Sue and I will include them in the next two episodes of our "Slings and Arrows" trilogy. Comments can be emailed to moregirlygeekz@gmail.com. You can also contact our very own Google voicemail line at 248-419-GEEK (4335). Plus, you can let us and our Anomalous overlords what you think by leaving a rating and review on iTunes.

We'd also like to take a moment to thank singer/songwriter Marian Call for giving us permission to use her brilliant song "I'll Still Be a Geek" from her album "Got to Fly." Visit her website (www.mariancall.com) to listen to more music and purchase her various albums. Follow Marian on Twitter (@mariancall) or like her on Facebook.

Stay tuned for future episodes of Anomaly Supplemental, which will feature more girly geeks having a good geeky chat about sci-fi, fantasy, movies, television, literature, comic books, theatre, and so much more.

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Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. said...

Awesome, "Slings and Arrows". I will check it out :)